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About Me

As WordPress seems keen to say….. “Hello World”

Welcome to The Happiness Lens website. This site is the result of over twenty three years of work in the mental health field.

During the course of my career I have obviously read a huge number of texts,  and journal articles probably numbering in their thousands. This has given me a great understanding of how to support people with mental health problems, but what I have come to realize in recent years is that my knowledge and personality are suited to exploring the issue of happiness in our lives, with the Positive Psychology movement having a great influence on me recently.

There are numerous influences on my life and work, my family, great teachers and great writers, and I have no doubt that their voices as well as my own will shine through in the writings on this website. To them I give my thanks and appreciation. A quick acknowledgement to Shawn Achor for the title of the website, he describes eloquently in one of the most watched TED talks for those who have not seen it, that we have a choice on how we view the world, and that choice comes down to which lens we look through. Hopefully it’s The Happiness Lens

My family and I are truly on  journey. Having traveled the world we currently live in Canada, and so being a fan of a good quote, I’m going to invoke the spirit of Wayne Gretzky to launch this site with only the smallest idea of how to actually make it work. Gretzky said “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. So here I am taking my shot, I hope I pick up a couple of connections along the way. Enjoy the ride.


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